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Here are some of the projects that Katharina and I have done.

Home Improvements
All the house renovation projects we have done since moving in.

Katharina's Projects:

MIT research project
Everything you wanted to know about the circadian clock.

Paul's Projects:

RC car electronic speed control
I built this way back in 2000 to power a remote control "tank" I built in high school. Circuit schematic, source code, and pictures of the project are all shown.

500 watt regulated DC power supply
This project started one day when my father handed me a schematic and a box full of parts and said "You can keep it if you put it together." I changed it around a little, and here it is.

GRPN: Reverse Polish Notation calculator for GTK/Gnome
This was a calculator program I wrote in C because I was unhappy with everything that was available at the time. It was modeled after HP's line of RPN calculators.

Pixelize: A program to build larger pictures from hundreds of smaller images
This program was something I wrote because I thought it would be fun to try to do it. Pretty nerdy, but in the end it was fun.

I enjoy woodworking and have built a few peices of furnature in my basement shop.